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                                            Precision Welding Applications

                    PW Series Spot Welding Machine is a compact lead free device capable of handling the
            welding needs of very fine   wires ranging from 0.02mm-0.3mm. It works by passing current
through the welding tip to generate high temperatures, enough to burn off the wire insulation and
through to the exposed wire welding it to the surface.
                    The quality of each weld is assured by the patented pressure control mechanism and
corresponding current data recordings. Due to its the process in which it welds, it is much safer
and cleaner to use as no chemical solvent or insulation removal is needed, which may also help
save on cost and labour. As it specifically designed to speed up and improve the soldering
process, the PW Series Spot Welders are extremely easy to use and will greatly reduce the
training period of workers from weeks to simply just a few hours.
                     In addition the device runs under low voltages (<2.5V) and with very low energy consumptions.
Traditional soldering irons work with a continual supply of electricity to generate and maintain the
temperatures required and as a result losing much of this energy to the environment instead of
channelling it into the solder. The PW Spot Welder however is much more cost effective to run as
energy is used only within a split second of contact when the sufficient force is applied onto the
tip, which makes this not only a safer but much more efficient and effective alternative.

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       Spot Welding Machine

       Spot Welding Machine

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